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Make no mistake - there's no substitute for speaking on the phone or face-to-face discuss your needs. Every business is different, and therefore the support we provide is different in every case. However, to make things as simple as we can and to give you some idea of how we can help, we've broken down our levels of support into our easy to understand 'biscuit packs'.
The Handbook Health check
The Offer Pack
The Starter Pack
A comprehensive review of your current handbook to ensure it meets all people, company and legislative requirements. If you don’t have a handbook we can write one for you.
All the paperwork you need for new starters. These start at offer letters right through to contracts, working time forms and confidentiality documentation.
Getting your employees off to the right start. Induction templates tailored to your business
The Policy Packs
The Leaver Pack
The Full Supply Of Biscuits
We have two packs available for you: Basic and Advanced. Take your pick! Basic covers holiday sickness and disciplinary whilst advanced covers family friendly policies, through to grievance policies
There comes a time when employees leave for pastures new so this pack will help ensure you know what’s great about your Company, areas for improvement and also ensuring your Company is protected post-employment.
This is an ongoing Biscuit HR subscription where you can call us night or day for over the phone HR advice. All the benefits of Biscuit HR without any need to have a full time human rescources department.

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